Northerly Photo Camper
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Frequently asked questions

What kind of events do you do?

We are available for any kind of event! Weddings, corporate events, graduation parties, bridal/baby showers, and more! 

What if my event is inside?

We can happily set up Northerly inside as long as the venue approves of this. She just needs a door that is 10 feet wide and 10 feet tall so we can safely pull her inside. 

Can you come to any venue?

As long as the venue approves Northerly, and there is an outlet for us to plug into, we can bring her anywhere! 

Do you travel?

Do we?! We love it. A small travel fee will be applied when booking outside of 30 miles from Corcoran MN.

Do you print onsite?

We sure do! We print two 2x6 photo strips per session. There is no limit on how many prints you get during the time the photo booth is running. 

Can I get a photo booth guest book from you?

Of course! We can provide a guest book for you for $100 so the guests can tape their photo strip in it and write their well wishes inside! Don’t worry, the guests receive 2 photo strips per session, so they are able to keep one for themselves as well. Not to mention, they can hop in the booth multiple times for more prints! 

Do we receive the digital files?

Absolutely! Being professional wedding photographers, we know how important digital files are! So along with printing photo strips at your event, we will also share a link so that you and all of your guests can download and share the photos as much as your little heart desires! 

What does Northerly need to run?

We will bring everything needed to keep Northerly running efficiently. We just need a 3 prong outlet nearby, solid & level ground, and enough space to back her in with a pick up truck! 

Are we receiving high quality photos?

We are professional wedding photographers, so high quality images are very important to us. We have professional cameras, lenses, software, and lighting to ensure that each photo is well lit and professionally executed so that you aren't left with a million iPad-quality, blurry photo booth images! 

Can you photograph my wedding and run Northerly at the same time?

That's the dream! We run a professional wedding photography business called Kate Becker Photography, which is actually the reason why Northerly was born. I (Kate) was asked several times a year if I could also run a photo booth at the weddings I was shooting. Instead of setting up a curtain and putting a camera on a tripod, I wanted to make it an experience that was unforgettable to you and all of you guests. Which is why we decided to renovate an old camper and turn it into what Northerly is today. If you'd like to have me shoot your wedding, I would be honored. My husband, Tony and I always shoot weddings together. So when it's time to start the booth, he hops on over to run Northerly as I continue shooting the event! It's a win-win for everyone involved.